Who we are

OneNDF - India’s first Digital Loan Platform

As a new-age digital platform for loans, we leverage world-class technology to facilitate borrowers to view and interact personally with a wide variety of lenders across the banking and financial services sector, and familiarizing you with financial tools

No more should you have to run pillar-to-post to figure out how and where you can get financing for your needs from. You can connect with multiple Banks / NBFCs on our platform to ask questions / queries for your loan requirement directly, and all this be done from the comfort of your home, at the click of a button, on our unique, one-of-a-kind web platform.

Speak directly with representatives of multiple Banks / NBFCs  – to explore your options and find the best-fit star-rated Lending Partner who can give you tailor-made solutions for your loan requirements.

Our state-of-the-art Video Calling platform is the bridge that connects the customer who has a requirement for taking loans – with the lender – Bank / NBFC giving the Loan. Use the OneNDF portal to hold useful, one-on-one discussions and forge a borrower-lender partnership that is just the right fit for you.

It is a win-win for both parties when they associate with OneNDF.

From the moment a borrower identifies the need for a loan, through the process of matching borrowers and Lenders (Banks / NBFCs) and all the way until the loan is paid and closed, OneNDF supports both borrower and lender (Banks / NBFCs)  to ensure a completely hassle-free experience.

Whether your financing requirements are personal or professional, across car loans, home loans, personal loans, working capital facilities, business loans, and loans against property and even credit cards, OneNDF has your back and can deliver a world of suitable options to you.

Not sure which loan category is right for you? Worry not – we meant what we said about being a truly end-to-end service provider.

OneNDF will assist you in narrowing your financial needs gap. We will guide you on which product is the answer to your unique needs. In fact, this is the secret to our great reputation as a provider of customized and personalized solutions. We couple, over a decade of  Indian SME credit experience with data science par excellence, and avante garde proprietary technology and top it up with the standards that the world’s leading banks adhere to, in order to deliver a truly unique set of services to both borrowers and lenders.

Looking for a loan? We’ve got your back!

Our services include all levels of consultation, direct and indirect tax advisory and investment advisor, MSME consultation, MCA and even support with obtaining registration certificates.

Finding you the right lender for your needs: OneNDF’s proprietary software churns through tons of data to evaluate key factors and eventually present you with a choice of the 5 best lenders for you. OneNDF is a first of its kind platform that allows customers direct access to a wide choice of lenders.

YOU choose: Empowered by the ability to choose, OneNDF’s clients are always able to zero in on a lender who will give them just the right loan amount, for just the right tenure and of course at the most viable interest rate.

Hassle-free application and Disbursal: OneNDF will facilitate the entire process of identifying the lender, completing the documentation process and coordinating and facilitating the lending process on your behalf.

If you are a Lender (Bank / NBFC):

Bringing borrowers to your window: OneNDF is a preferred, high traffic portal for customers seeking Loans to shop around and look for lenders.

Profiling borrowers for you: At OneNDF we put our self-developed and proprietary scoring and risk assessment algorithms to work. These systems mirror global tech and are able to process volumes of financial and personal data to assess borrower credibility.


Whether you are a borrower or a lender we assure you of a satisfying and rewarding relationship with OneNDF.

Not only will you be matched with the right borrower or lender for your needs; OneNDF assures you of a seamless, world-class end to end customer journey.

Our commitment goes beyond loan application and disbursal and we are delighted to offer pre-sales and post-sales service to our partner lenders and our borrower customers.

We are extremely proud to say that ever since our inception we have enjoyed a status of zero defaults on loan repayment.


Besides our proprietary technology, our USP is a thorough knowledge and understanding of finance. We help borrowers identify their actual need for funds and pair them up with lenders to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship to both parties.


The backbone of OneNDF is its team of professionals who boast rich banking industry experience collectively spanning 30 years.

Our specialists work on creating lifetime customers by offering them long term financial solutions and consultancy.