Our Founder

CEO & Founder – Nitin Khandelwal

Nitin Khandelwal leads & runs –OneNDF; in Delhi & NCR. During his career, Nitin has aggregated cumulative loans of over INR 2000 Crores. Nitin’s success can be attributed to a personal drive of putting great deals together for his clients, along with an unstoppable work ethic and reputation- as a trusted advisor to clients, business managers and the Leadership at the Banks.

Having worked in a top global bank such as Standard Chartered Bank, Nitin realised there was a dire need to bridge  the gap between Bankers & customers who were specifically looking to avail Loans & Credit facilities. However, trying to bridge the gap through offline channels  was impossible due to the logistics challenges  associated with traditional  DSAs.

For a long time, Nitin was conceptualising  an online  platform that had the potential of making a massive impact. Finally, the platform is here and ready!

Passion for the business and his customers
Nitin has a strong passion for his work and is a master at the art of ‘putting a deal together’. His mantra – “Whatever it takes”, is one of the reasons why over 70% of his business is from repeat clientele.

Nitin says, “I am naturally competitive and driven to succeed – qualities that enable me getting the best loan terms for my clients. We work with a diverse client base and I look at every customer as an opportunity to build a lifetime relationship. The amount of a loan itself is inconsequential

Mission and Leadership

  • As Founder and CEO of OneNDF; Nitin leads his team with a mission to provide best – in-class loan solutions and exceptional customer service to his clients.
  • He works with Honesty & transparency and is obsessively focused on delivering on his commitments to his clients. He expects nothing less from the commitments his team makes to their clients.
  • As a Leader, he is very approachable and someone who has a solution to every problem. As the Head of a company, he believes in creating a healthy and collaborative work environment. Nitin thinks “it’s his job to give his employees the tools they need to be successful.”


  • Nitin is a Graduate from Hansraj College, Delhi University and is currently pursuing a Leadership Programme for Senior Executives at INSEAD.

Personal Life

  • Nitin loves to read books. He is also an avid fitness enthusiast, and maintains focus and personal strength through a consistent running regime.
  • His native place is Kherli, a small town in Alwar District of Rajasthan. He lives in Delhi with his wife and two kids.
  • Nitin’s journey as an entrepreneur is an outcome of his career in the Retail Banking Sector. During his employment, he realised the need to create a system / organisation wherein the end customer was a ‘more aware’ customer. It was this need of creating- what he terms – Financial Literacy, which has inspired Nitin’s entrepreneurial journey so far.
  • OneNDF has always been focusing on creating path-breaking techniques for Loan Origination. And in its most recent attempt, Nitin has created a platform (oneNDF) which will be a Online Video Consultation Platform -bringing the customer and the Lending institution closer. This revolutionary platform will enable the customer to have direct access to Bank Officers / Consultants who will be engaged in devising correct Borrowing strategies.
  • Whether we call it outsourcing or having specialised people for specific work, whether it’s a CA to file your taxes; or the family Lawyer for all your Legal needs– there is also a need to have a Loan Specialist empaneled with you, as we call him / her Loan Pundit; someone who can provide you with tailor-made borrowing options suited to your need.; someone who has your current and future finances in mind while offering you solutions.