How can I foreclose my loan?

How can I foreclose my loan?

The process for foreclosure is simple.

Step 1: Apply for loan foreclosure at the Lending Institution where your loan is running. This can either be done online on the website of the Lender or one can go to the Branch assigned / chosen by you at the time of the loan

Step 2: The lender will respond with the Principal outstanding amount, taking into consideration the interest paid so far and the foreclosure date in relation to the remaining tenure.

Step 3: Make the prepayment of the Loan

Step 4: The lender will send you a No Dues Certificate and return any original documents linked to loan collateral, such as property deeds etc.

You can also reach out to us and we can help you facilitate this with your Bank. This process can sometimes be time taking and cumbersome, at OneNDF we take this tedious process in our hands so that our customers can feel at ease.