Loan Consultants

Our loan consultant’s collaboration opportunity is a dream-come-true for efficient and skilled loan consultants. Fixed commissions mean that you no longer have to put in long hours to receive a fixed monthly salary that does not expand even when your cases disbursed grow – here, you earn attractive commissions for all the hard work you are putting in. The higher the cases there are disbursed, the more income you take home.

NDF will help you set up and give you all the tools required for you to succeed – you are supported by a positive and long-standing brand reputation, and you will also be supplied with a network of potential customers by way of the initial leads. All that you need is the zest to succeed and the passion to follow through.

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As the need for businesses to engage with professional consultants’ booms, we are continuously on the lookout to on-board high-achievers with the right skills and experience to shape and strengthen our advisory services. There is a lot to benefit from joining our family of loan consultants.

  • Enjoy the backing of the NDF’s brand and reputation.
  • Tremendous scope of work and growth as we offer you an amazing launchpad for business generation with leads in your city of location of operation
  • Challenging and influential role as you function independently as OUR representative in your city or location
  • Availability of national tie-ups with all reputed Banks and NBFCs
  • An attractive fixed commission is extended to you for every loan that is disbursed – the more the cases you are able to manage, the higher your income.

Enjoy the best of both worlds – independent operations and being backed by an established name – when you come onboard as a loan consultant with NDF.

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Your profile will be vetted and once you are shortlisted as one of our esteemed Loan Consultants,  you can represent us in the city as per your preference, for the product you have proficiency in.

Insurance / Accounting Services / Credit Rating

Step on to a platform that gives you access, convenience and independence – all wrapped in one!

There is – and always has been – a huge market for accounting services and insurance. In fact, given the encouragement and positive climate for various startups, demand for accounting services is on the rise.

Insurance too, is seeing more takers than ever, after the world came face to face with the uncertainty of life in 2020.

As for credit rating, there had probably never been a riper market than what is seen today. Young Indians are more and more open to credit-based products from loans, to credit cards and EMI Cards.

The only thing standing between the small and medium providers of accounting services, insurance and credit rating is reach. There are millions of customers seeking your service as you read this, but how can you find them?

A web presence, backed by a recognizable brand puts small and medium providers of accounting services, insurance and credit rating in the same position as the large service providers in your industry. That’s exactly what you will get when you register your service with NDF. You bring the expertise, and we will patch you in with potential clients.

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Once you have registered on the OneNDF platform, you can go ahead and list your service with us.

Jump aboard and notice the difference in your business traffic once your profile is listed on our website.