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We open heartedly invite banks, NBFCs and other financial institutions to partner with us in this journey of last mile reach. NDF is committed to the highest standards of practice when delivering services to our customers. We aim to bridge the gap between the burgeoning audience for loan uptake and financial service providers such as yourself.
There is a whole universe of convenience that banks can derive out of partnering with NDF.

  • Access to new clients
  • Video-conferencing & chat options
  • Upfront closure of loan commercials
  • Easy documentation

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Once you have partnered with NDF, you can manage all of the following with ease and at the click of a button, from anywhere:

  • The option to chat with or conduct a video conference with new leads.
  • A platform to communicate with potential customers sourced by NDF about products or product updates that may be relevant to them.
  • A platform to publicize up-to-date product promotion and product information, that can be discovered by relevant customers
  • Quicker turnaround time for cases / Files.
  • A platform and single window for product training to the NDF Team PAN INDIA.
  • Involvement during the interactions with potential clients to eliminate any possibility of mis-selling or dissemination of incorrect details or making undesirable commitments.
  • Upfront closure of loan commercials like rate of interest, tenure of the loan, charges linked to foreclosure.

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